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At Centennial Retail Services, we are proud to say that one of the keys to our success as a business and for our clients is the camaraderie that we have as a team. We have all been partners for 10+ years at Centennial and we also worked together prior to founding Centennial Retail Services.

While our team at Centennial could certainly be classified as a group of colleagues, we are really more than that. Centennial is like a family and we all work together in an incredible way to help support one another.

Check out what a few of our team members said about why they love working at Centennial and how members of the team have helped shape each other’s careers.

Barry: At Centennial, our team works unbelievably together. We all have different personalities and different strengths. We help each other in our weaknesses. We blend it together. That is one of the nice things about being a smaller firm. We don’t have the office politics that some have. When you go to lunch, we don’t have to lock the door or worry about anything. I simply can’t imagine not coming to work every day. For young professionals looking to find a working environment, we hope they aspire to have the type of camaraderie that we have at Centennial. Committed, trusting, trustworthy team members. Though the big firms often get the bigger business, you can still be just as successful with a smaller firm. And the added bonus is that it is fun coming to work every day.

Joey: When I was in my twenties, I was in the process of figuring out my next career steps when I was introduced to Arthur by my father. He looked at me and said, “Hey, there’s this guy Arthur that you really got to meet. You two would get along great and maybe you like what he does for a living.” So, I went and met with Arthur and we hit it off and then I got my real estate license. After classes every day, I would go into the office and sit there to start absorbing as much as I could. Eighteen years ago in November, I started officially working with Arthur. My first year in the business, I went to ICSC with no clients. Arthur would take me around and introduce me to everybody. He introduced me to a contact at Buffalo Wild Wings that trip. A few months later when they came to tour, Arthur asked if I would take the interview, and they’ve been my client ever since and we’ve done 55 transactions. That is how I got into the restaurant business and I am very grateful to my colleagues at Centennial for helping me kickstart my career. I feel even more fortunate to be able to still work with them daily. Centennial Retail Services was born 10 years ago and it has been a great marriage ever since.

Arthur: I always joke that my wife doesn’t send me to the office to make friends but the reality is that the friends that I’ve made in this business are some of the best friends that I have. If you’re successful, you will gravitate toward people who share similar values that you have. I think that’s very important and I think a value-based approach to the real estate business is the secret for long term success in this business. It’s about building clients, friends, and associates. People that you trust, and people that trust you. People who are there to help, people who are there to advise, and people who care about your success and you care about their success. That’s what really builds the relationship. In this office here, what we have is a very unique relationship that has brought us all together. We operate so well as a team because we like each other, we trust each other, and we share the same values. If you can do those things, then the monetary success will come.

At the end of the day, all members of our team agree that the benefits of working for a small tight knit firm are so strong that they simply would not trade this experience for the world. We are proud to say that our teamwork and collaboration serves our clients’ success and helps make sure every deal is handled in the best way possible.

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