To Nashville… and Beyond!

BY the Centennial Team

You’ve heard us rave about Nashville and its bustling outer burbs. And what’s not to love? Nashville’s popularity is growing by the minute. Retail, office, mixed-use, commercial and residential markets have seen unyielding success in recent years. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has dubbed Nashville the biggest and best job market in the country ( Major corporations are finding home in Nashville, bringing with them countless jobs and a welcome boost to the economy. You’d be hard-pressed to find another major tourist city that’s just as enjoyable to inhabit 365 days a year. Nashville checks all the boxes for us.

But what about the rest of our great state?

Chattanooga: Home to some of the best outdoor sporting opportunities you’ll find. If mountain climbing, hang gliding, and river rafting are your speed, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Knoxville: More than just a college town, Knoxville is a hidden gem for foodies. It maintains a thriving restaurant scene and is a great food festival destination.

Memphis: A lucrative tourist town that’s also incredibly family-friendly. And if it’s a desirable place to for families to settle down, it’s a home run for businesses looking to plant roots.

Honorable Mention: Not to be underestimated, some of the smaller markets are growing like crazy. Keep an eye on Crossville, Clarksville, Greenville, Cookeville, and several other -villes. They’re making their way up the list of best places to live and work in the state.

Drivable Market Mindset

Nashville may be our local market, but we have transactions in every corner of the state in a given year.  We make this happen by taking advantage of the city’s central location and the state’s driveability. With the exception of rush hour traffic, every major city in Tennessee can be reached from Nashville in 3 hours or less. Our clients understand that limiting themselves to just the local market can be a missed opportunity.  When they view the entire state of Tennessee as the market, we can take them wherever they want to go.

Driving markets is a deliberate endeavor and requires a balanced strategy. It’s crucial to know what’s going on in surrounding markets while maintaining expertise on your own. How do we make it happen?

  • We do the research: To work the entire state, we’ve got to know all the markets just as well as the brokers who are established in that area. Since there are only a handful of teams employing this strategy in all of Tennessee, it automatically sets us apart. And we’ve found that by doing it knowledgeably, the sky’s the limit.
  • We time our visits: Our clients are frequently looking in other parts of the state, so we plan for a few trips a month. We’ll scout ideal markets, get an itinerary together and call on multiple properties in each. We know to take the time zone changes into consideration, and have created an incredibly sustainable rhythm.
  • We rub shoulders with the right people: Networking has been one of our greatest assets when expanding our reach. Learning who the major brokers, developers, and landlords are and fostering relationships with all of them has been key. We usually find only 2-3 degrees of separation in the brokerage community across the state and even the country! We always prioritize conferences like ICSC- some of our best connections have had their beginnings there.


As a Nashville-based brokerage, we’re always on the lookout for tenants who want to enter the Nashville market and ultimately pursue a statewide expansion. Local economies are diversifying and growing exponentially. High-net-worth individuals are moving to Tennessee daily. Whether you’re looking to pursue urban markets, more suburban, or a mix of the two, the time is now to start driving markets and reaping the benefits.

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