BY Arthur Perlen, CCIM

Everyone asks at some point in their career – what is success for me. The specific questions probably depend on your profession. In the commercial real estate field, they might look like – Does success mean that I close the most deals? Mentor the most brokers? Help the most clients? What combination of actions in your life defines your success? Each aspect of success makes up its own unique and equally important part of the whole.

The following are some key insights that have worked for me and may help you with your own definition.

The Importance of DOING RIGHT

We all hope that success in life will translate into success in business but that is not always the case. Directing yourself in a manner consistent with choices that feel ethically right, will define success on a new level. As one progresses in their career the desire for immediate financial success can change into thoughts about legacy. This doesn’t just mean “what difference I am making in my own life?” but also “what impact can I have on the lives of others?”.

When you consider the question, “What kind of difference did you make not just in your life, but in other people’s lives as well?” then you are on a whole new track to defining success.

Beyond Business: Ethical Conduct

How one carries themselves in business is not how you look, what you wear, who you know, or your sales training.  Rather, the most important elements to me are principled conduct and treating clients with respect. It’s more than the words though: it’s an overarching philosophy that keeps your clients’ best interest at heart, above your own self-interest.  Ensuring your goals are 100% in alignment with your client’s goals is a good place to start.

Like Attracts Like

The additional benefit to ethical conduct is the relationships you make along the way.  When I got into CRE I never imagined that the people I would work with would become some of my best friends and people whom I greatly respect. Relationships this deep can only be cultivated through mutual trust.  We learn from each other and benefit from each other’s years of experience.

Always gravitate toward people who share or have similar values as your own. Over time, you will build friendships with colleagues (clients, associates, other CRE professionals) who all care about your success and, at the same time, you will care deeply about their success.

Even looking at our office at Centennial Retail Services, the three of us all have very unique backgrounds and experiences that brought us together. We operate so well as a team because we like each other, we trust each other, and we share the same values.

What True Success Means

If our clients are successful, then at the end of the day, we too are successful. There is no better feeling than driving by a client’s business knowing that helping them with their real estate needs, helped that client achieve their goals, that is the definition of success.

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