Land deals are unique. They take time. However, expectations often are easier to manage. Once you find the property and sign the contract, build-to-suit developers are experienced to take it and run with it. The clarity of the assignment – to find land that meets specifications and criteria, and then execute – is straightforward.


Restaurants continue to thrive in Nashville and the US. They are the one and only business the internet cannot recreate. And now that COVID has subsided, delivery sales are only 15 percent of restaurant sales. The restaurant industry requires brick-and-mortar locations. We also see the continued rise of service industry tenants as opposed to soft goods retailers.

Growth as a Commercial Real Estate Broker

When you get your first job you expect to learn and grow… to be promoted, to gather experience under your belt, to become a subject matter expert. These things do not end when you hit a certain work milestone.

My Involvement in Retail Broker Network

Retail Broker Network is a professional network connecting brokers in major markets throughout the US. It is a place where like-minded brokers can share information, network and refer business.

Nashville, Why Nashville?

For locals, transplants, and visitors alike Nashville has become a city that delivers. I’ve had a front row seat throughout my career to the expansion in size and notoriety of this great market.

Site Selection Assumptions

Recently a trend has been emerging within the conversations I have with clients and prospective clients about sites for their restaurant and retail locations. They hear the buzz, look at the analytics, and then naturally make some assumptions about where they want to be.

What’s Going On With Corporate Real Estate Part 1: The Restaurant Industry


When you think corporate real estate, the restaurant industry is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind but it is for me. This segment of the market is a specialty for me and holds a special place in my heart. It has seen significant changes the past 6 years with mass consolidation of the restaurant industry.

Letter of Intent

letter of intent

You are an owner or manger and you’ve been tasked with finding a new location for your business. You hear brokers using a lot of real estate terms, one of which is Letter of Intent or LOI. What exactly is an LOI and why would I use one?